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hi hi! i'm working on the website right now (and trying not to fail in school lol) but it'll hopefully be up and running asap (as long as I can continue to work on it!

so what the fuck am i working on?

  • background image (i made it myself)
  • actually i'm not done with the background image
  • i forgor that i wanted to give it a nice cross stitch or funny texture
  • the thing that holds all the text
  • actual cool graphics
  • content
  • guestbook
  • div classes shit
  • tunesssss
  • webrings
  • pages

thank you so much for visitng my page!!!

stick around and play with the little kitty in the top left corner if you wanna!!!

i need to be held accountable for doing my architecture homework so here is where i am going to put my notes

  • combine options 1 and 2
  • weave more
  • make a more woven 3

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